Everything you need to know to learn about golf, set up your home golf simulator, or hone your skills to become a scratch golfer.

The Best Office Putting Set (Updated 2022 with Reviews)

Let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in work that you forget about other aspects of your life. For instance, tight schedules can deny you the opportunity to participate in your favorite sporting activities. And if you’re a golf enthusiast, you understand that to become a great putter; you’ll need … Read more

Understanding How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap in 2022

A golf handicap is a number that measures a golfer’s potential, helping those of different abilities compete in a fair manner. The best players have the lowest handicaps. The term “handicap” wasn’t used in golf until the late 19th century, but it’s often said that the earliest example of a golf handicap dates back to … Read more

The 15 Best Golf Movies of All Time

There are some great movies set in the world of golf. Here are our favorites for you to enjoy. 1. Caddyshack (1980) Caddyshack is a comedy that revolves around a country club and the scheming president. It is also about a young caddy, Danny Noonan who is struggling to get his life back together. The … Read more

How To Hit a Draw In Golf (Irons and Driver)

The slice is one of the most despised shots in golf. Almost every golfer has asked for advice on how to draw a golf ball, rather than striking a slice. Fortunately, a few simple modifications can help you straighten out your ball flight while also boosting your distance off the tee. This article will focus … Read more

Golf Swing Basics: The Fundamentals

Golf is a pretty sophisticated yet fun game. There isn’t much running around or panting, but it still requires strength, power, and excellent use of one’s posture and senses. When you think of playing golf, you need to start with the very basic learnings. Sure, you may invest in a popular golf club, get yourself … Read more

What is FootGolf? Everything you need to know

FootGolf is a new sport that combines soccer and golf. FootGolf is played with a soccer ball, on a golf course, and generally follows the rules of golf. More About FootGolf To play FootGolf, players use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with much larger cups to fit the larger balls. The rules largely … Read more

Stableford Scoring: The Complete Guide to the Golf Scoring System

So, you want to start with golf and plan to join a club for your first sessions. Before that, one thing that you must understand is the scoring system.  The scoring system in golf can be divided into individual play and team play. When it comes to individual play, the scoring systems used are stroke … Read more

DIY Guide to Building an Indoor Golf Simulator for Your Home

Are you a golfer who would love to own a personal indoor Golf Simulator? But you’re thinking, aren’t those golf simulators pretty expensive? They can be expensive but assembling the right pieces yourself can save you thousands of dollars over hiring professionals to install your simulator. So we have put together a guide to help … Read more

How Do Golf Simulators Work?

Golf simulators emerged in the 1970s allowing golf lovers to play the game indoors in a virtually simulated environment. Since the 70s, the technology has improved greatly, offering a ton of features to improve your swing, analyze your game and work on weaknesses. You can even benefit in ways you wouldn’t on a real golf … Read more