Scramble Golf: How to Play, Rules, and Top Tips

As a new player, casual golf is something that you will be playing often. Unfortunately, standard golf rules can become stale and boring at times. There are numerous different casual formats of golf to make the game more fun. However, scramble golf is one of the best-known methods that will enable you to speed up the game and have fun.

Scramble golf is often played in teams and each team is made up of a variety of different players with different handicap levels. The best ball format is the most common game type that is used and consists of players playing from the ball that lies the best after teeing off. It eliminates the bad shots and possible penalties.

If you are invited or want to join a scramble golf session, you will need to know how to approach the game and be good at it. Playing scramble golf can be fun and it brings a new dimension to the game with different tactics. This article aims to help you set up and prepare to play the best scramble golf session possible.

Brief Overview Of Scramble Golf

As mentioned, scramble golf is often played in teams and each team is made up of different players. Many tournaments will have a rule that states players of different handicaps should make up the team. You should try to diversify your team by having one big hitter, a short game specialist, and a specialist putter in the team at a minimum.

Once the game starts, each team member will have the opportunity to tee off from the same location. Once all tee shots have been completed, the team can choose the ball that is best placed to continue. Each player will have the opportunity of playing from this location. The process continues until the ball is in the hole or the upper limit of shots permitted is reached.

There are a variety of different strategies to be implemented to make scramble golf effective and give you the best opportunity to win the game. However, the most important thing is that everyone can have fun. Since penalties and bad shots are virtually eliminated, you will notice that the team score is often much better.

How To Play Scramble Golf – Top Tips

With all this being said, you might be wondering how you could improve your scramble golf game. We have done some digging to find a few effective tips that will help improve your game and your team. These tips can function on their own, but once you combine them, you will have the perfect team and game.

1.      Selecting a Team

Depending on the rules, selecting a team might not be in your control. However, if you have the opportunity, you should consider diversity and find players with different skills. These skills should complement each other. If one player is incapable of making a certain shot, other players on the team might specialize in this.

2.      Strategy Will Help You Win

If you don’t have control over the team you select, you will have complete control over the strategy. It is important to strategize and determine how you approach each shot. If you have an expert driver, you want the second-best driver to go first. This will reduce some of the pressure on your top player and they will have more freedom.

The same applies to every shot you play. You always want the second-best player in any given discipline to go first. This will give the best player more peace of mind and you will have someone to rely on if something goes wrong. The main goal is to spread some of the workloads throughout the team and reduce the pressure.

3.      Help Each Other

While this could seem like a mundane tip, if someone is making a shot and you notice they are off-target or something is wrong, it is your responsibility to help them. This is also one of the reasons that you don’t want stubborn people on your team. Even though golf is an individual sport, you should use some team approaches to help you solve some of the critical issues.

4.      Enjoy The Challenge

There is not much more we could say when it comes to scramble golf. However, you should consider enjoying the challenge. Yes, this is a competitive form of golf and we all aim to win. However, having fun with friends is more important. Once you master motivating and assisting teammates, you will have fun, while winning the game.


Scramble golf is often part of casual competitions and it helps speed up the game. Since you are rapidly running through the holes, it removes some of the tedious waiting and frustration. Many of you might still have a few questions when it comes to scramble golf. Fortunately, we have you covered to assist you in being in control.

How Does A Handicap Split Work In Scramble Golf?

You might find that certain competitions rely on a handicap split. The handicap split means that a certain percentage of your team should be made up of certain handicaps. Most good teams will have 1 high-handicap player, one mid-handicap player, and one low-handicap player, and in some situations, you could have a scratch golfer join the team.

Are There Professional Scramble Golf Rules?

Unfortunately, scramble golf does not have a fixed rulebook and some of the rules are decided on the day of the competition. Knowing the rules could significantly benefit you, as there are situations when you might be able to improve your lie. In some tournaments, you can move the ball a club length in the direction of the fairway or the green. However, these are rules that need to be agreed upon by all players.


Playing scramble golf with your friends is a great way to have some fun. Not only will you speed by many of the holes, but you could improve your game. You might even find yourself in new positions on regular golf courses that force you to be creative. We would suggest that you try scramble golf to see if you enjoy it.

Meta: If traditional golf is becoming mundane, knowing How To Play Scramble Golf could be more fun and keep you on the golf course.

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