How To Turn The Hips In The Golf Swing (with Videos)

Power and timing are two of the most important elements of your golf swing. If you are to get the best possible results, you will need to know how your hips can impact your movement. Most people understand that your hips need to be open at the impact point of the ball and continue to rotate through the shot.

Rhythm is one of the most important parts of making your golf swing perfect and this will take some practice. Much like a dancer on the dance floor, retaining the right rhythm will ensure that your timing is on point. The better you can time your shot, the more accuracy you will have, while also adding the additional power needed.

To better understand how to turn the hips in the golf swing, we have done some digging. The article aims to educate you on all you can do to improve the shots and the timing. We will look at some of the fundamental aspects that could help you make the swing stick. However, practice will be needed to ensure consistency.

How To Turn The Hips In The Golf Swing

There are numerous different exercises and techniques that people use to justify how your body should be when you are playing the swing. It might not be easy for everyone and this is why we have tried to find the best method that could help you. Once you master the swing, it could apply to almost every shot you play.

1. Starting With The Stance

The first thing you should have is a comfortable stance. If you are not comfortable with your stance, it will be much harder to have the perfect swing. Balance is one of the most important aspects and the more comfortable you feel, the more confidence you will have. It is important to focus on having a comfortable stance.

2. The Backswing

The backswing is where everything starts and if you can control the backswing, you will be able to bring down the club in the correct motion. Ideally, your hips should rotate from the setup position at an angle of 45-degrees away from the ball. Your shoulders will turn about 90-degrees to the top of the swing for the perfect motion.

We understand that not all golfers will have the capabilities of doing this and age can play a huge factor. However, it is the main power generator for the shot and will often need to be something you work on when training.

3. The Downswing

Once you have reached the top of the swing apex, you will naturally want to come down with the shot. One of the most common analogies used is “Staying in the Barrel”. This means that if you have a large barrel over your head, you should be turning your lower body while keeping your upper body steady. You should avoid sliding or swaying away from the ball and your weight should automatically shift to the front foot.

If you can comfortably do this and keep your shoulders from dropping or slouching before you start the downswing, you will be in the perfect position to use all the generated force to connect with the golf ball. Once again, this will take some time and practice to perfect, especially if you are one of the newer players in the game.

4. Finishing The Swing With The Hip Movement

One issue that many beginners face is stopping their swing motion the moment they make contact with the golf ball. As you can see, you will be stopping the momentum that you have built up and reducing the power. Your motion should force you to turn your hips through the shot when playing to make sure you put enough force through the ball.

One mental trick you can use is to think of accelerating the club head after impact. Much like you would do when punching someone correctly, you need to drive through the ball. Imagining the golf ball is about 6-inches further away would be much easier and ensure that you can drive through the golf ball to make contact.

5. Ending The Shot

Your shot is not necessarily complete once you make contact with the ball. You should focus on your belt buckle and having your belt buckle in line with the target you are aiming at is important. This means that your leading hip will go through the 90-degree plane in many situations and you be moving it a bit more to keep driving through the shot with your back leg.

Video Instruction for Clearing Your Hips


Even if you master the swing, there could still be a few questions you have about perfecting it. We have done some of the research to ensure that you could better understand the golf swing and you might even be dealing with some of these questions. Here are the most common questions about the golf swing we could find.

Which Drills Can You Use To Improve Your Swing?

The great thing about the internet in the 21st Century is that you have access to all kinds of information you need. You can readily find all the videos that will help you improve your swing and even a few drills to practice every day. Here is one of the videos that we would recommend you consider watching.

Should I Do Stretching To Improve My Golf Swing?

Doing a few stretches will help to enhance your suppleness. Once you become more supple, you have an excellent opportunity to have more fluidity in your movement. We would recommend doing a few exercises at home and seeing if they can help you improve your game.


Knowing how to turn the hips in the golf swing will make a huge difference to your game. You should notice plenty of improvement when it comes to range and accuracy. However, you should focus on perfecting these movements. We would love to see some of your comments on what you suggest beginners do to improve their swing.

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