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Peter has been golfing since he could walk. A Florida native, Peter is surrounded by the world’s best golf courses. He loves sharing his love of the game at FortressGolf.com and hopes his expertise can help beginners and experts alike.

Handicap: 3


Contributor and Managing Editor

Oliver is newer to the great game of golf and is always looking to improve his game. He always has a great time on the course, whether he is playing 9 or 18. He joined FortressGolf.com after reading the site and setting up his in-home golf simulator. He hopes to help other higher handicappers enjoy the game.

Handicap: 18


Contributor and Founder

John simply loves golf. He started FortressGolf.com in order to write about his passion for golfing and using his in-home golf simulator. When not golfing, he is spending time with his wife and 3 kids (and watching the PGA Tour).

Handicap: 9

About FortressGolf.com

This website was started to share my love of the game. I grew up playing golf with my dad and have been an avid golfer ever since. After setting up my own golf simulator, I realized I could share a lot more about the game of golf and the best practices for setting up your own golf simulator, rules of the game, tips for lowing your handicap, best products to try, and so much more.

My golf game is a constant work in progress, as I am sure yours is. I hope you find FortressGolf.com helpful in fortifying your own golf game.