7 Tips to Make Your Gas Golf Cart Faster

Having a golf cart is a great way to get around the golf course and save your legs from the wear and tear of walking long distances. However, if you want to make sure that your golf cart has all the speed it needs to give you an advantage on the green, it is important to focus on optimizing its performance.

Gas golf carts are great for getting around on the golf course or even just tooling around your neighborhood, but they can sometimes be a bit slow. If you’re looking for ways to make your gas golf cart faster, there are a few things you can do:

1. Remove The Governor

Many people enjoy golf carts because they provide a fun and easy way to get around the golf course. But did you know that you can remove the governor on a golf cart to make it go faster? The governor is a device that limits the maximum speed of the cart. By removing it, you can make the cart go up to twice as fast.

Of course, this is not without risks. A runaway golf cart can be dangerous, so it’s important to use caution when increasing the speed. But if you’re looking for a little extra excitement on the links, removing the governor is a great way to add some zip to your game.

What’s the point of a golf cart governor?

A golf cart governor is a device that is used to control the speed of a golf cart. Typically, this is accomplished by using a spring-loaded or electric-powered controller to regulate how much power is sent to the wheels. Generally speaking, the governor ensures that the golf cart does not travel at speeds outside of safe operating limits. But why go to all this trouble? One reason is to prevent damage to the terrain around the golf course. Too fast a pace can cause ruts and grooves in the grass, making for an uneven playing surface for other golfers.

Another important reason for using a governor is safety. If a golfer loses control of their cart due to excessive speed or any other reason, having a governor in place can help reduce potential injuries from crashes and collisions on the green and elsewhere on the course.

So be careful when removing the governor!

2. Upgrade Your Tires

Adding new golf cart tires to your golf cart is a great way to enhance your performance and take your game to the next level.

At the same time, choosing the right tires for your golf cart is essential for ensuring optimal performance. Look for high-quality models that are designed specifically for electric golf carts and offer superior traction on all types of terrain.

With new tires that maximize speed and efficacy, you’ll be tearing up the links in no time. So why wait? Add some new treads today and reap the benefits tomorrow!

How to select the right tires for your golf cart:

When it comes to selecting golf cart tires, there are several important factors that you need to consider.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the tires you choose are durable enough to handle a variety of different road conditions. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of rain or snow, then it’s crucial that your tires have adequate tread depth to provide sufficient traction.

Additionally, it’s important to select tires that are appropriate for your vehicle’s weight capacity and speed rating.

Another key factor is ensuring that the tires you choose are compatible with your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system.

Overall, choosing the right golf cart tires requires paying careful attention to these critical factors in order to ensure a smooth and safe ride every time. While you may want to go faster, don’t forget these important tips when selecting your golf cart tires.

3. Install a Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery

One of the key aspects of performance that can have a big impact on how fast your cart moves is its battery. A better battery will be able to deliver more steady power throughout each hole, making it easier for your cart to reach maximum speed.

Not only that, but with a better battery, you will also be able to charge more quickly and spend more time playing and less time waiting for a recharge. So whether you are looking to improve your score or just speed up your rounds, investing in a better battery is the surest way to make sure your cart always goes at top speed.

4. Increase the Torque to Your Golf Cart

One of the best ways to make your gas golf cart faster is to add more torque. This can be done by adding a larger motor or by upgrading the drive train components. If you’re not sure how to do this, you may want to consult with a professional golf cart mechanic or engine builder.

What is torque?

Torque is a rotational force that causes an object to rotate around an axis. In a golf cart, torque is generated by the electric motor when it turns the wheels. The amount of torque that is produced depends on the speed of the motor and the amount of force that is applied to the wheels. The faster the motor turns, the more torque it produces. Similarly, the more force that is applied to the wheels, the greater the torque. Accordingly, increasing either the speed of the motor or the amount of force that is applied to the wheels will increase the amount of torque that is generated. This can be useful for increasing the cart’s acceleration or for climbing steep hills.

5. Get a Better Motor 

A better motor will certainly make your golf cart go faster.

The first step in upgrading your golf cart’s motor is to research the different options that are available. There are many different models of motors on the market, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some motors may have better fuel economy, while others offer more speed and power, so it’s important to do your homework before deciding on a particular model.

Once you’ve selected a motor, the next step is to remove your current motor and replace it with the new one. This typically involves removing a few key bolts that hold the old motor in place and installing them on the new unit instead. You will also need to find a reliable source for golf cart parts and accessories, as well as a qualified mechanic who can help you install any additional components or electronics that are needed for your upgrade.

Finally, once all of these steps have been taken, it’s time to hit the road! Just be sure to take it nice and slow at first, until you’re comfortable driving with your new set-up, so as not to damage anything or put yourself or others at risk. With some tweaking and practice, however, you should soon be zooming around at high speeds in no time at all!

6. Keep the Weight Low in Your Golf Cart

Reducing the weight of a golf cart can have a significant impact on its performance. Every pound that is removed from the cart reduces the amount of work that the engine has to do to move it forward. This can lead to increased speeds and improved fuel efficiency.

There are a number of ways to reduce the weight of a golf cart, including removing unnecessary accessories, using lighter-weight materials, and even removing seats. By taking some time to carefully consider the weight of the golf cart, it is possible to make some simple but effective changes that can have a big impact on its speed and performance.

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7. Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained golf cart will perform better and last longer than one that is not properly cared for. Just like with any vehicle, it is important to check the golf cart’s fluids regularly and make sure that the tires are inflated to the proper pressure.

The battery should also be checked frequently and cleaned if necessary.

In addition, the body of the golf cart should be washed and waxed regularly to protect it from the elements. By taking care of your golf cart, you can help it perform at its best and keep the top speed high for years to come.

In Conclusion

Making a gas golf cart faster doesn’t have to be complicated. By taking some simple steps, such as upgrading the motor, reducing the weight, and maintaining the golf cart regularly, it is possible to see a significant improvement in the speed and performance of the vehicle.

With just a little bit of effort, you can make your gas golf cart one of the fastest on the block!

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