6 Easy Golf Back Swing Tips (The Perfect Golf Backswing)

The backswing is one of the most important parts of your golf game. It is where you can generate enough force and power to have the best possible shot. The backswing varies significantly and there is no specific way to make it work for you. However, finding the perfect golf backswing for your game is important.

Having a bad backswing can be due to a couple of factors. These factors include having bad posture and a poor setup. Having poor grip can also translate to having a frustrating backswing with your game. Understanding where and what mistakes you are making could lead to a significant improvement in your golf backswing.

Since there are a few specific tips and tricks you could use to enhance your game, we have focused on giving you the correct tips that will enable you to make some of these improvements and changes. Be sure to practice these at the range or at your home with a simulator before trying them on the course. The article aims to uncover the perfect backswing and to make it even easier for players of all skill levels to make this possible.

How To Have The Perfect Golf Backswing – Top 6 Tips

Once you figure out how to improve your golf backswing, it should be that much easier to improve your overall game. It can be tricky for some players to adapt from the current habits they have, but practice will reinforce these things and make it possible for you to have this backswing. Here is how you can have the perfect golf backswing:

1. Comfortable Setup

One of the first and most important things you need to keep in mind is the setup of the golf ball and where you take a position. Everything should be precise and comfortable and while this can be hard to determine, you will need to play a few practice shots. Each person will have a different stance on the golf course in front of the ball.

If you stand too close, you will be extending your arm too far back and this will have adverse effects on the downswing. If you stand too far and your angle is not correct, you will not be able to go back far enough due to shortening the range of motion. You must focus on the perfect range of motion for your shot.

2. Keeping The Left Arm Straight Through The Backswing

One of the most common problems that we see from new players is slacking with the arm at the back. Once the arm bends, you are reducing the power and force that you have behind every shot. The idea is that you bring the club back further, which theoretically should produce more momentum going down.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true, and the more you bend your arm, the more force you will lose in the downswing. You must focus on the downswing and make sure that can come down with the shot with as much of your arm straight as possible. It could be daunting for some, but with practice, it is possible.

3. Keeping The Front Heel Planted

Some golfers believe that bending their knee during the backswing will assist in making the movement more fluid. However, it is not the case, and lifting the front heel will enable you to take the club back farther, but it will also reduce the control you have over the club. Some players can lift the front heel, but this takes fine-tuning.

While lifting the heel could generate some more power, amateur golfers won’t be able to master this technique. It can take plenty of planning and practice to make this work out for them and you should focus on the basics first. The basics for the most common swing are to keep the heel planted and to make sure you keep control and balance.

4. Flexing The Right Knee

You could often find many players keeping the back knee locked. However, it is not the best way to go and you should focus on maintaining a slight bit of flex with your right knee if possible. Not only does maintaining flex enable you to generate more stability and comfort, but it could help turn the hips much easier.

5. Rotating The Hips During The Backswing

One of the first rules of golf you learn is that almost everything comes from the hips. The power and momentum you generate all come from the hips. While it is tempting to turn the hips during the backswing, it is something that should be avoided as much as possible. It is best if you can keep the hips straight when lifting the club.

Keep in mind that the hips should not be stiff and you will notice that your hips are the main driving factors when it comes to the downswing.

6. Head Stays Down Through The Toe Box

You have a certain area where the toes form that will make it possible for you to keep the toes straight. If you imagine a box from the toes around the golf ball, you can use this as somewhere to look. Some amateur golfers might tilt their heads back when preparing for the swing. However, you want to stare directly at the toe box and keep your head down as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though playing the perfect golf shot can be daunting, you should eventually manage it if you follow all the important tips and tricks. There are numerous ways in which you can ensure that your golf shot comes off perfectly. We have found a couple of lingering questions about the perfect golf backswing from around the world:

Should I Pause At The Top Of My Downswing?

One way of looking at your golf swing is that you have to transition from the backswing to the downswing. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest thing to do. Many people believe that you should have a slight pause at the top. However, this is not necessary and you want to complete the movement as soon as possible without rushing it.

Should I Shift My Weight During A Golf Swing?

When you stand firm and you start the golf swing, you will be in one position. However, when you move backward, your weight will slightly shift to the rear. However, your weight should be kept as steady as possible. Once your hips turn on the downswing, you will naturally shift your weight more forward during the shot.


Mastering the perfect golf backswing can be difficult and daunting for some players. However, once you manage it, you should be able to see massive improvements in your game. We would recommend adding these tips to your game to ensure you can get the best possible movements from your overall gameplay.

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