Golf Tips

How To Properly Start The Downswing: Lead With The Hips

Once you have the upswing mastered, the downswing is the next part that you should perfect. With a good downswing, you can completely change the direction of your game and add more accuracy and distance to each shot. Knowing how to properly start the downswing will enable you to generate more force and improve your … Read more

6 Easy Golf Back Swing Tips (The Perfect Golf Backswing)

The backswing is one of the most important parts of your golf game. It is where you can generate enough force and power to have the best possible shot. The backswing varies significantly and there is no specific way to make it work for you. However, finding the perfect golf backswing for your game is … Read more

How To Turn The Hips In The Golf Swing (with Videos)

Power and timing are two of the most important elements of your golf swing. If you are to get the best possible results, you will need to know how your hips can impact your movement. Most people understand that your hips need to be open at the impact point of the ball and continue to … Read more

How To Chip The Golf Ball – The Method That Works Every Time

Chipping in golf is one of the most fundamental skills you can learn. It is a great way to save a bad shot off the tee and could even help you improve your score. Watching the professionals, you might think that chipping is easy and they often make it look simple. However, knowing how to … Read more

How To Quickly Fix A Slice In Golf (6 Expert Tips)

Few things can be as frustrating as dealing with a slice in golf. It not only impacts your accuracy but has a significant effect on your distance. Even if you have the perfect short game with impeccable chipping and accurate putting, you will not improve your handicap if you continuously struggle to hit the fairway … Read more

How To Hit a Draw In Golf (Irons and Driver)

The slice is one of the most despised shots in golf. Almost every golfer has asked for advice on how to draw a golf ball, rather than striking a slice. Fortunately, a few simple modifications can help you straighten out your ball flight while also boosting your distance off the tee. This article will focus … Read more