Rules of Golf

Scramble Golf: How to Play, Rules, and Top Tips

As a new player, casual golf is something that you will be playing often. Unfortunately, standard golf rules can become stale and boring at times. There are numerous different casual formats of golf to make the game more fun. However, scramble golf is one of the best-known methods that will enable you to speed up … Read more

How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag?

Curious about what should be in your golf bag? Do you have too many clubs or too few? You’re not alone. Every golfer has had the same questions. Having too many clubs is a big penalty, so read up! What is the maximum number of clubs in a golf bag? The maximum number of clubs … Read more

Understanding How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap in 2022

A golf handicap is a number that measures a golfer’s potential, helping those of different abilities compete in a fair manner. The best players have the lowest handicaps. The term “handicap” wasn’t used in golf until the late 19th century, but it’s often said that the earliest example of a golf handicap dates back to … Read more

Stableford Scoring: The Complete Guide to the Golf Scoring System

So, you want to start with golf and plan to join a club for your first sessions. Before that, one thing that you must understand is the scoring system.  The scoring system in golf can be divided into individual play and team play. When it comes to individual play, the scoring systems used are stroke … Read more